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Learn about the Moroccan Dog Collars

From the Atlas Mountains of Morocco to your Furry Friend

The hand-crafted dog collars travel quite the distance to make it to your pup. 

The process begins with the skilled berber women of the Atlas Mountains near Marrakesh, Morocco.

Giving Handwoven Berber Rugs a Second Life

In the Atlas Mountains, southeast of Marrakesh, there are many Berber women that hand-craft exquisite rugs and carpets from sheepskin wool. Often, these textiles can be damaged and torn, making it difficult to sell as full carpets.

These carpets are recycled to use for smaller crafts, like the kilim dog collars.

The kilim carpet is only a part of the finished dog collar. They also need to obtain high-quality leather, which comes from the leatherworking capital of Fes, Morocco.

Tanneries of Fes, Morocco

Located in the oldest medina quarter of the city is the largest tanneries in the country. 

Behind the shops are large, round stone vessels that are filled with liquids for softening hides.

The leather used for the dog collars is crafted at these tanneries and sent over to the Atlas mountains. 

Arab Men sell in the City

Once the Berber women collect the remaining wool leftover from Berber carpets, the Arab men bring them deep into the city of Marrakesh to craft the dog collars and sell to tourists walking through the medina.


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