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Handmade Moroccan Dog Collars

Made with Real Leather and Berber Carpet and Crafted in the Heart of Morocco.

Give your Dog a Taste of Morocco

Morocco is a land of vibrant colors and endless beauty. From the expansive selection of Berber rugs in Marrakesh to the leatherworks in the Fez Medina, Morocco is a magical place that is home to some of the finest hand-crafted goods in the world.

These dog collars are crafted from some of the finest craftsmen in the Medina of Marrakesh, Morocco. The process begins with two crucial materials that are locally sourced in the country.

Berber Kilim Rugs & Authentic Leather.

The rugs are brought to Marrakesh from the hardworking Berber women of the Atlas mountains while the leather comes from the leatherworks of Fez, bringing the magic of Morocco to your furry friend. 

Each Handmade Collar is Unique…


Just because your pet is small doesn’t mean they can’t have big taste.


We know how often mediums go “out of stock”. Not today Internet. 


Your dog is already in charge. Do you even have much of a choice?

Morocco Style

Handmade Berber Dog Collars
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